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Mar 26, 2008

Offering Digital SLR

You have had a compact digital camera for a while. Time to upgrade. Single lens reflex (SLR) cameras are what professionals and serious amateurs use, be it film or digital. And not just because they let you change lenses.

SLR cameras produce high quality images, which is what puts them in a class apart from cheaper compact cameras. The same holds true for film or digital. In digital cameras, the sensor is also smaller, bringing with it problems such as grainy pictures, better known as "noise" in digital parlance. Not so with digital SLRs. And DSLRs also avoid "shutter lag", meaning you actually get what you clicked-that candid moment, with no delay.

So, you may have a compact camera offering 10 megapixels and an SLR also offering just for 6 or 8 megapixels. But the digital SLR, with its more advanced sensor will produce much better pictures. Megapixel numbers are not everything-because if that were true in photography, you would have got the same image quality with any camera, provided you used the same film. We know that's absurd.

* A 6 megapixel DSLR is great for most jobs. To save money you could even buy an older model, like the Nikon D70S, which used to cost a lot more. It was a standard with the pros, until newer models arrived.

* Consider battery life. You should get at least two days of regular shooting without recharging.

* DSLRs store pictures in memory cards (usually called CF or SD cards). It helps to have more than one card with at least 1 GB capacity each.

* Dust is a major enemy of all electronic appliances. See that you don't get any of it into your DSLR when you change lenses.

* DSLRs are often much larger than other digital cameras. But that's a small inconvenience, if you want a much better picture. One way out: Own more than one digital camera- a compact for some jobs, a DSLR for more serious ones.